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    Are you eager to master Microsoft’s Azure? Look no further! Our comprehensive Azure Training in Belapur Online course offers a wealth of resources, including hands-on labs, expert-led training sessions, and practical projects.

    Our seasoned instructors will expertly guide you through the course material, sharing invaluable insights into best practices, addressing common challenges, and exploring the latest industry trends.

    You’ll have ample opportunities to ask questions and receive personalized guidance on how to seamlessly integrate Azure principles into your organization’s specific needs.

    This all-encompassing Azure Training in Belapur Online course covers all topics, including Administration, Architecture, Development, and Security, thoroughly preparing you for Azure Certification

    We offer learning environment that fosters collaboration. You’ll be part of a community of professionals striving for excellence in Azure.

    This Azure Training in Belapur Online empowers you to elevate your expertise, broaden your horizons, and accelerate your career in the dynamic world of cloud computing. Join us on this transformative journey and become a proficient Azure practitioner, ready to lead and innovate in today’s digital landscape.

    Key Features

    Hands-On Practice

    Lifetime Access to LMS

    Job Assistance

    Interview & CV Preparation

    Active Cloud Community

    Practice Exam

    Mentor Support

    Career Guidance

    Our Microsoft Azure certification paves the way for learners to get accustomed to Azure infrastructure and deployment. Aligned with the latest edition of Exams, this Azure course is best suited for professionals wishing to be successful as an Azure Administrator, Azure Architecture, Azure Developer & Azure Security Engineer

    The following concepts you will learn in this Microsoft Azure certification:
    • Managing Azure subscriptions and access control
    • Deploying and organizing Azure resources
    • Implementing, managing, and securing storage
    • Integrating, securing, and managing identities
    • Building, managing, and executing Virtual Machines
    • Azure Site Recovery
    • Configuration and use case implementation of Virtual Networks
    • Implementing multi-factor Authentication
    • Azure monitoring
    The following professionals can take our Azure online courses:
    Professionals Eligible for Azure Online Courses
    Solutions Architects Yes
    Network Engineers Yes
    QA Engineers Yes
    DevOps Administrators Yes
    Virtualization Administrators Yes
    Network Administrators Yes
    Systems Administrators Yes
    Storage Administrators Yes
    Cloud Administrators Yes
    Security Administrators Yes
    The basics of cloud computing, server provisioning and networking can be beneficial, but there are no prerequisites to take up this MS Azure training.
    Today, every enterprise is moving towards cloud computing in order to meet growing customer expectations and to always be ahead of their competitors. Microsoft Azure is growing at an unprecedented rate and due to this there is an urgent need for certified administration professionals. This best online Azure certification will give you hands-on experience in handling Azure services, storage, servers and more. You will work on managing virtual machines, securing and managing identities and more. Upon completion of the Microsoft Azure training online you can apply for the best jobs at top salaries.
    • Introduction to cloud computing
    • What is Microsoft Azure?
    • Microsoft Azure Services
    • Creating a Microsoft Azure Account
    • Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell
    • Managing Azure Resources & Subscriptions
    • Azure Resource Manager
    • Microsoft Azure Architecture
    • Azure Resources and Subscriptions
    • Azure Resource Manager
    • Managing Azure Resources
    • Azure Tags
    • Azure Storage Account and its Types
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • Azure Files Storage
    • Azure File Sync
    • Azure Table Storage
    • Azure Queue Storage
    • Azure Storage Explorer
    • Azure Shared Access Signature (SAS)
    • Azure Databox
    • Azure Storage Replication
    • Data Replication Options
    • Azure Import/Export Service
    • Azure Virtual Machines
    • Data Disks in Azure
    • Azure VMs and Interfaces
    • ARM templates
    • VHD templates
    • Custom Images of Azure VM
    • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
    • Virtual Machine Availability Sets
    Intellipaat offers Azure administration certification that will help candidates clear the Microsoft Azure certification exam. This Azure course will equip you with all the skills needed to manage Azure subscriptions and resources, implement storage, deploy the Virtual Machine, manage identities, and more. The course will help you take on bigger responsibilities in the administration domain.
    A Microsoft Azure certification serves as a validation of one’s cloud skills and proficiency in a specific role. It not only enhances earning potential but also establishes expertise, positioning individuals ahead of their peers. As per predictions, approximately 80% of enterprise workloads are expected to shift to the cloud by 2025. Consequently, there will be a substantial demand for professionals capable of developing cloud applications and effectively managing cloud infrastructures. Acquiring Microsoft Azure online training will prove instrumental in acquiring these essential skills and competencies.
    In the case of not achieving a passing score in the Azure certifications exam on the initial attempt, candidates are eligible for a retake after a period of 24 hours. Subsequent attempts following the second one necessitate a 14-day waiting period. Within a year, five attempts are permitted for individuals seeking to clear the Azure exams successfully.
    Microsoft Azure certifications are designed to align with specific roles, allowing individuals to select the one that best aligns with their career aspirations. Among the highly sought-after Azure certifications are the following:
    • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator – Associate (Exam AZ-104)
    • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer – Associate (Exam AZ-204)
    • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Exam AZ-900)
    • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer – Associate (Exam AZ-500)
    • Microsoft Certified: Solutions Architect Technologies (Exam AZ-305)
    The duration required to attain the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-305 certification varies for each individual based on their prior knowledge and the level of commitment to exam preparation. For those who diligently dedicate themselves to the process, a suitable timeframe for thorough preparation is generally estimated to be around 4 to 6 months.
    Of course. WebMagic Informatica conducts practice tests to help learners test their knowledge and skills in the domain.
    The labs are very hands-on and will provide industry-based project experiences. The labs are aligned with industry standards and requirements that will help you clear the certification exam and become an Azure Expert
    Companies like Wipro, Accenture, Amazon, HCL, Cognizant, Dell, Deloitte, Facebook, etc., are always on the hunt for Azure-certified professionals. WebMagic's Azure training has been designed keeping in mind the industry’s requirements.
    WebMagic is offering you the most updated, relevant, and high-value real-world projects as part of the training program. This way, you can implement the learning that you have acquired in real-world industry setup. All training comes with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, learning, and practical knowledge, making you completely industry-ready. You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. After completing the projects successfully, your skills will be equal to 6 months of rigorous industry experience.
    Apparently, no. Our job assistance program is aimed at helping you land in your dream job. It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile. The final decision on hiring will always be based on your performance in the interview and the requirements of the recruiter.
    • Webmagic Informatica offers job referrals.
    • They prioritize community-driven help for job assistance.
    • Their network connects job seekers with suitable positions.
    • They foster a supportive community for sharing insights and encouragement.
    • The organization aims to enhance the overall job search experience.



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    Azure Training Online
    Azure Training Online
    Azure Training Online
    Azure Training Online
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    Why WebMagic?

    Live Interactive Learning

    Highly Rated Courses

    Industry Expert Mentors

    Hands-On Project Based Learning

    Becoming proficient as a Microsoft Azure professional involves embarking on a comprehensive learning journey that caters to a variety of roles and certifications. Whether you aspire to become an Azure administrator, an adept Azure architect, or a certified Azure developer, there are specific Azure courses designed to prepare you for the Microsoft Azure certifications exams. These exams cover an array of topics, from the foundational Azure fundamentals to specialized certifications that address the needs of solutions architects. You can choose from a range of training options, including instructor-led sessions and online courses, depending on your preferred learning style. These courses offer practical insights and hands-on experience with real-world scenarios, ensuring you are well-prepared for managing cloud infrastructures and building cloud applications on the Azure cloud platform. Mastering Azure solutions is paramount in today’s ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing platforms, and Microsoft certified Azure training equips you with the knowledge and skills needed for success in this dynamic field.

    AWS Certificatte
    Tarun Sharma

    Tarun Sharma

    Data AnalystData Analyst at Diacto Technologies

    Completed the AWS batch.The teaching experience was excellent, especially our trainer- Mr Dabeer. The content was more focussed on what is required as per the industry standards. Moreover, the teaching was hands on practical exercises rather than just theory. I highly recommend this institute if you would like to pursue your career in cloud. All the Best!

    Testimonial User

    Rohit Cholle

    DC support engineer at New Era Informatique
    If one’s looking to make career in AWS….trust me you are on right page, it’s great experience to get trained under dabeer sir, good study material,labs for practice and most importantly they guide you for exam’s too.
    Anuj Dhawan

    Anuj Dhawan

    Senior Architect at Graytitude

    It’s been a great experience with WebMagic Informatica.

    AWS training was great – Trainer, Dabeer Sir, knows his stuff. The content was more focussed on what is required as per the industry standards. Teaching was hands great with practical exercises, it really helps. Very much recommended if you would like to pursue your career in Cloud Computing. Great experience.

    Testimonial User

    Mayank Srivastava

    Dabeer is One of the finest Cloud trainer I have ever met..!!! A Big Thanks to You for your exceptional support during our AWS Training because of which I have cleared My Both Cloud Practitioner and Solution Architect – Associate Certification.

    Testimonial User

    Aditya Shinde

    Consultant at LTI

    I have attended online Training for AWS. It was a great learning experience.The knowledge of trainer(Dabeer) about cloud computing and AWS is outstanding. He cleared every doubt throughout whole Training. It’s amazing journey with webmagic informatica.


    Ajinkya Raorane

    Sr DevOps Engineer at Exusia

    Dabeer is fantastic at explaining everything in detail . It was very interactive. Unique way of teaching. Labs, whiteboard session, course material etc. All was great. The hands on exercise helped me to understand the concepts well. I will continue referring the WebMagic Informatica .

    Naresh Bende

    Naresh Bende

    SRE at Accelya Group

    Nice learning experience. Attended Devops and AWS course..Covers indepth topics and provides industry level training.

    Testimonial User

    Sandeep Naik

    I would like to thank you so much Dabeer for delivering such a wonderful training on Microsoft Azure Cloud. I really appreciate the contents of all Azure Cloud modules that you have covered in a practical & professional manner. It was well structured, organized and contained a lot of useful information.

    I personally liked, the way of your teaching which is in an elaborated manner with real-time examples. It also allows the trainee to have the clarity on the subject though he is new to Cloud platform and definitely it will help us understanding the job of cloud professional.

    Kamlesh Jain

    Kamlesh Jain

    Lead Cloud Architect Lead Cloud Architect at Searce Inc

    Just completed my DevOps batch from Webmagic Informatica, and here is my honest review after completion of entire course,
    First of all the nature of Dabeer is very polite even if u ask small or silly questions so many times he will still answer that in very polite and respected manner.

    Second he allow all students to ask question, listen to them carefully and answer them with proper examples.
    Third the syllabus is totally as per industry standard so practicing the topics covered in the lecture will give u enough confident that is required for working DevOps professionals.

    One another thing I like most is that he allow us to reattend the future batch so we can revise the entire lecture again in upcoming batches plus there are recordings available that we can refer at any point in time.
    Finally the cost of the course is very nominal compared to other industry courses and by looking at the entire syllabus nd efforts he put it’s really worth without any doubt.

    Sumeet Warekar

    Sumeet Warekar

    Senior Engineer at Vyom Labs

    It was a great learning experience with Webmagic Informatica. The trainer has a thorough understanding of different cloud technologies, His course contents and study materials are well structured. So truly recommending for all.


    Nidhi Shetty

    Software Engineer at Accenture

    The sessions were quite informative and every topic was well explained. Many small activities done during the class turned up to be exam question. Session recording are also very useful for future reference (helps in Certification preparation)


    Abhishek Singh

    Technical Lead at NTT Data

    I attended Azure cloud course from Dabeer. The course content and the teaching skill were awesome, after attending the sessions I am feeling confident with topics. In short I can say it was a great learning. Thanks Dabeer for wonderful sessions.

    Testimonial User

    Rahul Chauhan

    Yesterday only I have completed my training with dabeer sir, so I am type of person who believes that virtual training is just a waste of money, you won’t get that vibe and understanding but for some reason I tried this time and believe me guyz it’s actually worthy only if dabeer sir is teaching you.
    He has enough knowledge that can help you to get certified.

    Coming to the advantages and suggestions part because there is no disadvantages that I can see,
    Advantages:- you’ll get answers for all of your questions, recorded video and support for lifetime for sure.

    Suggestions:- during the online training session, my eyes got blinked in some lecture as it’s online classes so most of us used to lie down on bed, Thus I’ll recommend you to please be seated, pay full attention and don’t just watch the session, make a note of everything.

    Thanks and good luck guy’s.

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