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Highlights Of Python Training Course

  • 36 hours of Python Classroom training
  • Acquire the key skills and 4 projects/case study to become Python Programmer
  • Immersive hands-on training on Python Programming
  • Learn Python Programming core concepts-control flow, operators, functions, syntax & indentations
  • Learn Best Python Coding Practices
  • Gain real-world project development experience, get DevOps foundational knowledge
  • Devops foundation certification preparation

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Python has been voted as the most wanted technology of the year 2018, according to the 2018 Developer Survey by StackOverflow. Also, it has been ranked as the seventh most popular programming language in the world amongst software developers.

With various resources available in the market that can teach you to code in Python version 3 without any experience of coding in Python version 2, it is necessary that you make the right choice of course for you. Python 3 being the latest version of Python, is also the future. And starting with the latest version of a programming language is a decision that you will never regret.

The Python Certification course provided by KnowledgeHut is an instructor-led, 24 hours live session with 7- hours of MCQs and assignments. It also includes 22 hours of hands-on practical sessions with Python along with three use cases.

The Python certification training will introduce you to the world of Python and enable you to learn Python from scratch. It will expose you to its architecture, design philosophy, basics of scripts, applications, and packages through hands-on practical sessions.

1. Install Python

Get started on your Python journey by learning to Install Anaconda – Python distribution.

2. Master Python fundamentals

Create your first Python program by learning basic syntax, variables, types and so on…

3. Data Structures

Learn about data structures that Python can handle. Create, manipulate Python lists, tuples, etc.,

4. Conditional Statements

Learn to write complex decision making code by mastering control structures like if, for, while, break and more

5. Modules

Learn to write and import your own Python modules and use them in other directories

6. Regular Expressions

Learn all about Regular Expressions; their uses in matching patterns and parsing files and text for information

7. Object Oriented Programming

Learn to write user-defined functions and object-oriented way of writing classes and objects.

8. Master Python best practices

Take your Python programming skills to the next level with functions, import packages and improved code readability

  • Knowledge of basic programming concepts
  • Knowledge of object-oriented concepts will be beneficial
  • Web developers, programmers, engineers, big data scientists
  • Professionals who want to strengthen their knowledge of Python
  • Suited for beginners and experienced professionals
  • Engineering Passouts

Why Python is becoming a popular choice in organizations?

  • It uses the elegant syntax; hence, the programs are easier to read.
  • It is a simple to access language, which makes it easy to achieve the program working. This feature makes Pythons as the ideal programming language for prototype development as well as other ad-hoc programming functions. There is no need to compromise maintainability.
  • The large standard library included in this language supports several programming tasks like searching text along with systematic expressions, linking to Web servers, modifying and reading files.
  • The interactive mode of Python makes its simple to test code’s short snippets. It also comprises the bundles development environment known as IDLE.

Why Professionals are Opting for Python?

  • Python is gaining increasing acceptance among the enterprises and clients. Now the companies are smart enough to understand the power of this programming language. In addition, it is simple for them to modify their tested platforms. Hence, they are more willing to shift to Python.
  • The highest level of Python certification will offer a good career path for Python developers to prove their talent in this language. Many reputed training centers are available to offer high-level certification training regarding Python language, and we are one of them.
  • Variation in the demand, as well as supply ratio, can be one of the reasons that make more demand for Python programmers.

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  • Python classroom training in Mumbai
  • 4+ Real-time project
  • Industry Expert Trainer
  • Study Material
  • Enabling your career as a Python Programmer

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